Live the life you were born to live…stand up tall as trees, and wave farewell to the reasons to be afraid. There is magic to be found, and you were built for the searching.

~ Tyler Knott Gregson


In our youth, we spent most of our time planning our paths in education, employment and parenting. We saw retirement as a time of leisure. That’s all changed. We’re seeking to live better as we live longer.

It’s about putting experience and expertise into perspective, then mapping out the next steps towards maintaining an overall sense of wellbeing.

Inspired Aging provides presentations and courses on aging to groups, organizations and educational institutions with a focus on practical tips and tools that help Canadians embrace life as they age.


Self Care – Maximizing Your Wellbeing

Topics covered include:

  • The evolution of self-care through the ages, globally.
  • Why self-care is the new health care.
  • ‘How to’ effectively practice methods of self-care that complement traditional medicine and can be practiced anywhere at anytime.
  • Benefit from an overall sense of peace and well-being.

How to Get from Here to There

Focused on individuals about to retire or newly retired. Designed to:

  • Identify what really matters at this stage of life.
  • Explore interests worth pursuing.
  • Define ‘what’s next’ in real terms with step by step planning.
  • Benefit from a sense of purposefulness and empowerment.

“Don’t Call Me Sweetie” – Marketing to the Aging Population

Gray is the new green. Boomers in Canada control 70% of the wealth. It’s important to get it right when selling into this growing market.

Topics covered include:

  • Market trends associated with the aging population.
  • Identifying what’s unique about the boomer customer.
  • The ‘do’s and don’ts’ associated with selling to the aging population.
  • You will gain insights into how to adapt to Boomer expectations, while building loyalty and sustainable results.

Presentations Scheduled to Launch – Fall 2018


Our Life Journey – Exploring Aging and Beyond

This unique eight (8) hour workshop series is designed to address the challenges and gifts of ageing through personal development and inspired end of life planning. Through contemplating our inevitable aging and unpredictable death there is an opportunity to transform how we are living life today.


There are many facets of the aging population that may impact the effectiveness of your business or organization. If you require a customized presentation to address your specific needs please contact me.

Examples of topics include:

  • Practical tools for addressing ageism and stereotypes that could be impacting your businesses bottom line.
  • Utilizing the assets of the aging population effectively in your workforce.
  • The power of boomer women in purchases and decision making.


Inspired Aging provides presentations and workshops that focus on practical tips and tools for both the aging population and those that serve them. Let’s learn to live better as we live longer.